Hockey Betting

Hockey is deservedly considered the king of all modern ice-based sports. It’s a spectacular and eventful discipline to watch which also ranks third among the most widespread sports for betting, behind only football and basketball. Once you are looking for a time-tested, fair, and reputable gambling platform with numerous hockey wager types and high odds, GGBet gets you covered. We guarantee a top-notch online experience irrespective of the device you use to place stakes. Let’s move right to the action and consider all the ins and outs of GGBet hockey betting.

Types of Hockey Betting Markets

There is no shortage of wager types on GGBet, whether you are into betting on NHL or any other league. All of them are conveniently divided into sections allowing you to pick popular, match, or period markets that suit your betting preferences. Since understanding your opportunities is essential to developing a winning strategy, we have described the most common types of hockey bets in detail:

Moneyline bets

It’s also called a Winner stake as you have only two options to wager on – the first (home) team or the second (away) team to win in a given match. Bullets and overtime are included. If you want to wager on a draw, opt for a 1x2 bet since it allows such an option.

Puckline bets

Pucklines are known as spread lines or handicaps and are used to make hockey betting online more even. Thus, a favorite to gain the victory in a game is given a negative handicap, while the underdogs – a positive. If you back the potential winners listed with a -2.5 puckline, they need to gain at least 3 points for you to succeed. In case you wager on the underdogs with a +2.5 puckline, it means that you will win even if they lose by 2 goals.


This is perhaps the most popular market for NHL betting online which involves predicting whether teams will manage to score a bigger or smaller number of points than that set by the bookmaker. If the line is 3.5, the over wager will win if both teams score 4 goals in total, and the under bet – if we see only 3 goals at the end of a match.

Prop bets

Prop or proposition stakes are designed for wagering on specific game occurrences and may vary greatly. Some of the most popular options include predicting whether a match will go to overtime, which team will score first, if the number of goals will be odd or even, what period will be the highest scoring, etc.

Period betting

Such a form of betting includes all the above-mentioned markets attached to a certain game period. For example, you are free to predict which team will be the first or last to score in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd period, place under/over stakes, guess if both teams will hit shots, and many others.

GGBet Hockey Betting

Best Hockey Tournaments to Bet On

Along with NHL sports betting, GGBet also offers a wide variety of other hokey competitions to wager on, including major international events with the greatest prize pools and national leagues held in Europe, Asia, the US, and other parts of the world. Meet the best tournaments available for betting on the GGBet website:

  • U20 World Championship
  • NHL
  • AHL
  • NCAA
  • WHL
  • OHL
  • Euro Hockey Tour
  • Alps Hockey League
  • Asia League
  • German DEL
  • English Elite League

GGBet NHL Betting Bonuses & Promos

Betting on hockey games may yield considerable benefits if you claim appropriate GGBet bonuses and use them smartly. We have multiple kinds of propositions to suit any gambling style and strategy, but the most popular ones are still:

  • Welcome bonus – a super package given only once after you sign up on hockey betting site GGBet;
  • Freebet – get a complimentary bet on a certain amount and gamble without hitting your bankroll;
  • Bet insurance – if your wager loses, we will return its amount back to your balance;
  • Deposit bonus – top up your GGBet account and receive bonus cash matching a percentage of your deposit;
  • Cashback – wager on your favorite teams longer by getting a part of your losses back.

GGBet Hockey Betting Bonuses

GGBet Live Hockey Betting & Streaming

GGBet live hockey betting has its own charm, allowing you to place stakes as soon as the game kicks off. While this form of gambling features the same sports betting principles, events are developing at a faster pace while the odds are continually changing to keep up with the game situation. Whether you are eager to start GGBet betting on NHL games or try predicting outcomes in the World Championship, you will always have a bunch of opportunities to sink your teeth into on our website. In addition to a diversity of bet markets, we also offer live hockey streaming so that you can keep a close eye on the development of events in a match and place wagers right away. The stream can be launched in the highest quality from any device, and real-time match stats are available to you as well.

GGBet Live Hockey Betting

GGBet Hockey Betting Odds Explained

Reading odds may seem confusing for novice bettors, but we will help you get the hang of things. GGBet makes it simple by introducing the European odds format where all the coefficients come as decimal numbers, so calculations are straightforward and easy to comprehend.

GGBet hockey betting odds give you an idea of how much you can get from a winning $1 bet, while the payout includes your net profit + the initial stake you have made. The total return on a wager is calculated by multiplying the odds by your bet amount. For example, if NHL betting odds are set at 3.7, the overall potential win from a $1 wager will be $3.7, and in case you bet $50, your payout will amount to $50*3.7 = $185.

Keep in mind that underdogs always have higher odds, this may help you make more accurate predictions. Betting line coefficients vary according to the same principle, allowing you to win more if you bet on a less probable event and your prediction works out.

Top Tips to Succeed in Hockey Betting

We are committed to setting you up for success, so bear in mind the fundamental hockey sports betting recommendations before you dive deep into the action:


  • analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams before betting on hockey matches;
  • check up on player injuries;
  • examine head-to-head match results;
  • make use of GGBet NHL betting bonuses and promos;
  • monitor game stats and make only data-driven decisions.


  • do not neglect live streaming if you are betting for hockey in real time;
  • never bet on leagues you are not well-versed in;
  • avoid betting if you are short on cash.


What hockey leagues are available for GGBet betting?

GGBet offers all the top leagues for hockey betting. You can place NHL bets, wager on AHL, NCAA, DEL, and WHL, or choose from a broad variety of other tournaments held in Finland, the Czech Republic, Norway, Slovakia, the UK, and many other countries.

Can I place live bets on hockey matches at GGBet?

In-play betting is possible and highly popular at GGBet. To make wagers in real time, pick ice hockey from the left-hand panel and head to the Live tab (above the list of matches). Select a game, take note of the odds, and place your stake.

What minimal bet amount is allowed on the GGBet website for hockey betting?

At GGBet, we set player-oriented bet limits, so your hockey betting options are quite diverse. The minimum wager amount is as low as 0.5 irrespective of your currency, while the maximum amount differs based on various factors, and you can check it out by opening your betting slip.

Is it possible to cancel or somehow change my hockey bet after placing it on GGBet?

Unfortunately, we do not have such an option. Think carefully before making bets or play with low wagers if you are not sure in your choice.

Does GGBet app have any particular features for making bets on hockey?

GGBet hockey betting app is packed with handy functionality. You can watch live streams, claim bonuses, make deposits, request withdrawals, place real-time wagers, and do many other things right from your mobile. Use the app to access our gambling platform on the go, 24/7.