MMA Betting

Mixed martial arts is the very sport that makes your blood run cold. The toughest fighters are battling for world titles and demonstrate all their proficiency in the octagon – probably the most fearsome fighting arena in combat sports. Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, karate, and many other striking disciplines come together to determine who is really the best. MMA has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity all across the world mainly due to the expansion of UFC, the largest martial arts organization as of today. Fights are held regularly, and GGBet is here to provide you with the ultimate betting opportunities for each major event. Keep reading to get a better idea of GGBet MMA betting online!

Sorting Out MMA Betting Markets

Betting on MMA is nail-biting in itself due to the high unpredictability of a match when a mere well-placed punch or an insane submission may alter the course of events completely. Meanwhile, a variety of markets available for betting adds an extra spice to the process. Check out the most popular types of wagers offered to MMA bettors.

Moneyline (outright bet)

This is the most straightforward option commonly used in UFC sports betting. The whole thing comes down to picking a winner of a particular fight. Your chance of making the right prediction is almost 50%, as only 1.5% of MMA battles end in a draw.

Over/under (total rounds)

This MMA sports betting market is used to predict how many rounds will be played in a given bout. Since this bet type features the over/under format, your task is to define whether the fight will end in a lower or higher number of rounds than it’s stated in the betting line. For example, if the wagering line is 3.5, the over bet requires fighters to battle for at least 4 rounds so that you get paid, while the under bet – just for 1, 2, or 3 rounds.

Winning round

As the name suggests, the bet involves predicting an exact round when the fight will end. Neither the winner nor the way they gain victory matters, you just need to pick a round and grab your payout if the prediction works out. The market enjoys particular popularity for GGBet betting on UFC games.

Method of victory

The market requires you to define in what manner the fight is going to end. With that in mind, you have several options to bet on – predict whether the bout will end by the disqualification of a fighter, submission, or technical knockout (TKO)/knockout (KO). It’s crucial to understand the style of each athlete to make a smart betting decision.

Go the distance

It’s a simple yes/no stake on whether the fighters will survive through all the rounds up to the judge's decision. Please note that if the bout is ended by the disqualification of a fighter, submission, or TKO/KO, the go-distance bet will be lost.

GGBet MMA Betting Markets

Popular Tournaments for GGBet MMA Betting Online

If your passion for GGBet MMA betting is as strong as your affection for the sport itself, you will be happy to know that our gambling platform is home to a plethora of exciting tournaments you can wager on. Indeed, mixed martial arts are continuing to gather popularity all over the world and have already achieved great media coverage, broadcasting major championships where fighters are battling for fame and huge cash prizes. With GGBet, you can place bets for UFC and other popular fighting leagues, both international and national. Discover a list of options below:

  • UFC
  • KSW
  • Octagon MMA
  • RIZIN Fighting Federation

UFC MMA Tournaments

GGBet MMA Bonuses & Promos

Want to make the most out of your UFC bets? Do not miss a chance to get your hands on GGBet bonuses! We offer plenty of generous promos to reward regular players and welcome the new ones. The number of sports bonuses available on our website is impressive, while they all differ in forms and purposes. The top offers for GGBet betting on UFC include:

  • Welcome package – an advantageous bonus package issued to every new GGBet player.
  • Bet insurance – insure your stake, and we will refund its amount partially or in full in case of a loss.
  • Freebet – a complimentary bet, allowing you to wager on MMA without risking your bankroll.
  • No-deposit bonus – a profitable offer in the form of extra cash or freebets available to you without money depositing.
  • Deposit bonus – top up your account and get a certain percentage of bonus cash matching your deposit.

GGBet Live MMA Betting & Streaming

GGBet live MMA betting is a great way to diversify your gambling experience. As soon as a fight begins, pre-match markets become unavailable, being replaced with the live ones. Keep an eye on the odds, since they are about to fluctuate as the situation evolves during the combat. At the same time, all popular betting markets will be available to you.

Many gamblers opt for live GGBet UFC betting online because they can appraise the situation more accurately after watching the starting minutes of a battle. Time after time, we also provide live streams of MMA fights that run in high quality on any device, adding an extra layer of convenience to online betting.

GGBet Live MMA Betting

GGBet UFC Betting Odds Explained

GGBet UFC betting odds are easy to comprehend even if you are new to gambling. The point is that we use the European format of odds presented as a decimal number, which proves to be much more convenient than traditional fractions. Indeed, such a format is more intuitive and easier to work with for both the bookmaker and bettors. In contrast to fractions which represent the profit, decimal odds showcase the total return you will get if your stake wins. That is, the odds of 2.4 mean that you will get $2.4 for every $1 wagered, including the initial stake. Hence, your net profit in this case will amount to $1.4 if you bet $1.

MMA betting odds are also a great way to define the outcome probability of a battle: the lower odds a fighter has, the higher their chance of winning. This makes MMA betting easier even for those who know little about this sport.

Expert Tips for GGBet UFC Betting Online

MMA betting may seem a bit complicated if you are new to this sport or gambling as a whole. But keep cool, GGBet will arm you with all the knowledge needed to succeed! So, consider the following tips before making MMA bets:


  • try live betting, as in-play odds often prove to be higher;
  • evaluate the current physical form of both fighters;
  • watch the weigh-ins;
  • analyze MMA stats and analytics in advance;
  • take note of the style of fighters;


  • avoid wagering just on your favorites – other fighters may perform much better;
  • do not hesitate to try out different types of bets;


How to make deposits on the GGBet betting site?

Enter your account on the GGBet site and hit the green Deposit button at the top right corner. Pick a preferred payment method, click Pay, review payment details, and tap the Pay button once again.

How long does it take for my bets to be settled on GGBet after a UFC fight concludes?

Your MMA bets will be settled in the quickest time possible once a fight ends, typically taking no more than 30 minutes. Contact our support team for any issues.

May I find fighter stats or any other useful information on GGBet before I place my bets online?

GGBet helps you place well-informed UFC bets online by offering fighter stats based on their previous battles, helping in determining the winners and underdogs.

Are there any exclusive GGBet betting app features for making wagers on UFC?

The GGBet UFC betting app is convenient for wagering on MMA, offering all events, bonuses, and betting markets. It allows you to place stakes on the go whenever you want.

Will GGBet keep me informed about the forthcoming MMA events and new betting opportunities?

You will receive notifications about new UFC betting bonuses and promotions via email. Forthcoming MMA events can be found in the corresponding tab on the left-hand side of the GGBet page.